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Bangkok: Green Shirt T&K Seafood, Yaowarat Chinatown

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Bangkok Trip: Green Shirt T&K Seafood, Chinatown (Day 2) – Do you know Thailand actually has got a lot of good food and delicacies to eat? I feel Thai food has the closest taste to our local Malaysia food because of the spiciness and the ingredient use.

One food corner that must not miss out when visiting Bangkok, Thailand is the T&K Seafood in Yaowarat Chinatown. The T&K Seafood is also known as “Green Shirt” seafood in Chinatown because that all of their worker wears a sporty green polo tee as uniform. And what’s interesting is, located right across the street is the R&L Seafood which all of their worker wears red colour uniform.

Obviously, both of them are competing with each other, though T&K Seafood is the original and more famous one. Nevertheless, both of them are always full-house when night falls.

Bangkok: Green Shirt T&K Seafood, Yaowarat Chinatown
Green shirt gang of T&K Seafood.

Red shirt gang of R&L Seafood.

We went there with a cab. The cab charged us 200Baht at first, and after some bargain, it’s 150Baht. Upon arriving, I was pretty amazed that the number of people waiting for a place to sit. It’s very happenings, very full and very cool. It’s not only famous to the tourists, but also among local Thai too.

T&K Seafood is like our local’s zhu char / dai chao 煮炒 in Malaysia. It’s a stall by the roadside with many table placed by the road.

Vegetable that I don’t know #1.

Vegetable that I don’t know #2.

Deep fried garlic fish which is not really awesome.

Egg and crab meet in crab shell which tasted not bad, kinda special.

Curry crab which is nice to eat with white rice.

The food was serve in about 15 minutes, pretty fast given that there’s so many people at there. Overall the food taste is kinda good, and price wise not that pricey, but a little bit more than affordable. I think its famous-ness explains the price.
After our dinner at T&K Seafood, we went for a walk along Chinatown. It’s really fun to see huge Chinese sign hanging on the street, it doesn’t really feels like China to me because of the presence of Thai words and Thai people. Though, it’s pretty cool. Not many shops were open, but Chinatown in Bangkok is famous for street food like Wantan Mee, Chinese desserts like bird nest, shark fins soup, tang yuan and more.

We actually stopped by a desserts stall by the road side and have 2 bowl of desserts. The tang yuan was pretty spicy because of the ginger soup and the bird nests was sweet and nice. Both for only 150Baht.

So, Chinatown is basically more about Chinese food, seafood, desserts and shark fins soup. That’s all here.

Next stop: We will go to Talad Rot Fai, a old train warehouse turn into a retro antique night market.


Click here for more posts about my Bangkok Trip.

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