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Free Photo At Switch World, Gurney Plaza

IMG_4228 by nicholaschan.

Switch World is a yearly event held by Switch, an Apple Premium Reseller here in Penang. Last time I always go check it out but now I don’t already because it’s just taking the whole Apple store out into a big place to show people what Apple has. I am an Apple fanboy and I think I know quite a lot about Apple already.

I was at Gurney Plaza during Switch World few weeks ago so I dropped by to check it out anything special. End out, I found an external battery pack for my Google Nexus One, and I bought it up. =D Upon buying anything there, we got a free photoshoot and photo printout. Pretty cool.

IMG_4232 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4229 by nicholaschan.

Every year, there will be a Mini Cooper, no idea why. But it’s cool.

IMG_4233 by nicholaschan.

Many people don’t know Mac being brain washed at there too. There’s a way to tell people that Mac doesn’t lag, that is they will open a lot of folder and tell you, “see, no lag”, actually opening folder will not lag a computer. Haha.

IMG_4237 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4241 by nicholaschan.

I bought something and there’s 5 of us, me, Qonstance, Sumay, Hueisean and Tzou Xiong, and we went to free shoot at there. Free edit, free soft copy and a free print out. =D

IMG_4243 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4244 by nicholaschan.

So fun, but the person who edit our photo talked a lot, a little bit too much because I knew quite a lot about the software and he assumed we didn’t know. OMG. Nevermind, still we get free printout! =)

2010-06-08 at 06-09-34 by nicholaschan

Qonstance keep saying “Aiyerrr, so sweeeeeetttttt.” =D Really sweet. Nice one, people.

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