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Chung Ling High School 2009 Graduation Ceremony

So on last time, I showed you guys many photos of me and my friends taken before the Graduation Ceremony which happened like 3 months ago in 2009. I was just too busy with my stuff and had forgotten to share it up with you guys.

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In this post, I’m gonna talk about what happened in the hall during the Graduation Day of 2009 of Chung Ling High School. We got into the school hall at about 9am, it’s an hour before the official ceremony started while we had one hour free time, sitting down, talking and doing nothing. It’s pretty bored waiting for it to get started and also the arrival of VIPs.

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It’s teachers and us who waited together for everything to get started. Before the day, many people told me that it will be bored and this and that. I also thought so.

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There’s no show or any form of entertainment during the ceremony, it’s speeches by VIPs and principals all the time. Our Graduation Ceremony is a combination of Form 5s and Upper Sixth Form of my Chung Ling High School and Year 6 of Chung Ling (Private) High School. One thing was that we were suppose to have the ceremony a week before, but changed last minute because Chung Ling Butterworth High School had their ceremony on that day.

Not fun because I wanted this to come fast and go fast so I can stop schooling and get more time for SPM study. Anyhow, I don’t care now, it’s so so so much over.

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There’s also recognition, awards and prize giving to student who has got an outstanding performance in various fields and subject and studies. It’s so nice to see they go up to the stage to receive the award, with the company of their parents. So proud. If I knew about this when I was Form 1, I would already had fight for it. Haha. I suck.

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Wishes from teachers. Sweet!

Many speeches and a lot of cheer and shouts for the friends who went up the stage for recognition and awards receiving. It wasn’t that boring after all, interest to know about the school report and it’s “Wow, my school is so good one.”

After the official ceremony, VIPs got out of the hall, the Year 6 student of Chung Ling Private High School went back to their school and it left us again, the all-boys Form 5 and the mix of Sixth Forms student.

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A little self-high show were held. There’s rock band, singing Linkin Park’s What I’ve Done.

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There’s Ballet Dancing and there’s very fierce (kidding)  Mr Lye, a school teacher went on stage to sing a song. Everyone was like “AHHHHHHH”, so high. Screaming here and there because he’s Mr Lye. It’s also my first time seeing boy do ballet dancing, and he was from my class! Shi Hun is his name. Wow, surprised.

IMG_4207 by nicholaschan.

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IMG_4219 by nicholaschan.

He is Mr Lye, very good.

IMG_4229 by nicholaschan.

After that, off the hall, and finished! But before going home, I went to VIP’s toilet to take photo. XD There’s a toilet in school which is specially made for VIP, look cool, but no AC inside. After that, I still went to take many many photos with teachers and some friends, stay tune. I’ll stop here. =D

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