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Went to KL to Check Out MIFF with Dad

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Last weekend, there’s a exhibition/expo happened in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. It’s the Malaysia International Furniture Fair. Dad is in part of the furnishing business so he brought us along to Kuala Lumpur. Usually, going there would be more likely a shopping trip for me and mommy but somehow, I didn’t really buy anything. It’s more like a business-acompany trip, nothing to buy actually and there’s no sale in Malaysia.

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To be honest, I am not really into the furniture and related expo, I only interested in something like Electronic Gaming Expo or the Consumer Electronics Show, Tokyo Game Show or perhaps the Taiwan Computex. They’re cool and bombastic gadgets show, which I like! Somehow, I need to be interested in furniture because I will be doing interior design course in college. Yeah.

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Quite a lovely rainy day in Kuala Lumpur, it rained so big, the cats and dogs type of rain, it’s nice because it had been very hot weather since Chinese New Year. Temperature here in Malaysia is sky rocket high.

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It’s interesting that the MIFF was not located on one venue only, it’s spread out to 3 convention hall, the KLCC, PWTC and MECC. I didn’t really have the feel to tour KL so was just following daddy here and there to do his business.

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After finish touring the exhibition hall, we went to check-in at the hotel. We stayed at Concorde. It’s a walk-in as I tried to book hotel but many hotels were fully booked and it’s quite last minute too. Thankfully, there’s still room in Concorde.

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Penang also got Jalan P. Ramlee.

We then walked to Avenue K which just right opposite KLCC. From the hotel to Avenue K is like 15 minutes away only, very close, and passed by the night life district.

Have been to KL for so many times, been shopping in Suria KLCC for so many times and it’s my first time getting so close to KLCC, right below it. I now only believe that it’s so magnificent even though it’s not the tallest now. Still, it’s the tallest STAINLESS STEEL TWIN tower in the world. ^^

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Malaysia BOLEH.

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It’s really a beautiful building and it’s a must visit and photograph if you come to Malaysia.

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Avenue K is actually a shopping mall, but then no idea why, there’s no shop inside. There’s only a few restaurant and we went there for dinner. I actually visited the supercondo above Avenue K before, it was like last year. =)

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Nice uncle living in KL brought us to this Ah Yat Abalone chinese restaurant. Nice food, nice place!

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After dinner, I went to Suria KLCC to window shop a while because it’s still early and I didn’t want to go back to the hotel so soon, as there’s no Internet access also. So might as well stay outside a little while longer. Only then we walked back to the hotel. Then sleep. ^^

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Views from hotel room. Saw Hard Rock Cafe yeah. Penang got Hard Rock Hotel.

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The next day, went to visit Taylor’s College Lakeside Campus, very beautiful and only then a real window shopping at Suria KLCC again where dad went to visit to MIFF, KLCC hall. Then came back to Penang in evening. Yeah!


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