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Visit to Friends’ Place on Day 6 of Tiger Chinese New Year

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Woo, I still have many to talk about the recent Chinese New Tiger Year. It’s fun, it’s shiok and it’s nice! On the sixth day of Chinese New Year, brother went back to Singapore already, I am back to being alone again, always look for friend. So on this day, I went to visit to my friend’s house, or also call bai nian where people visit to others’ house give orange and take ang bao.

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First stop of the day, after dropping brother at the airport, I went to Alvin‘s place, a friend that I knew like 5 years back. He was just awake when I was there and looked stim stim, but cute.

IMG_5466 by nicholaschan.

Then, me and Alvin went to visit Yiphing, spent like an hour at there, talking and I played the piano. I am so noob, someone please teach me how to play.

IMG_5475 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5469 by nicholaschan.

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Yong Chieh and Wei Chung.

Next stop was to Jin Jie’s place near Yiphing’s place. It’s his new home but it’s only open during Chinese New Year. Pretty nice place, though no idea why his family doesn’t want to move it. I saw a lot of my high school mate there, very happy to see them, especially my 5SA1 friend, Hock Sheng, Yong Chieh and Beng Tian.

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Gambled and won. Really happy. ^^ And I found pop-pop fire crackers at there, it’s like so long that I didn’t play this kind of thing already, let me see, it would be like 6 years already.

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Beng Tian! Still so funny.

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Beng Tian behind bars.

IMG_5494 by nicholaschan.
Jin Jie.

Thanks Jin Jie for inviting me over. So miss my high school friends now. So-so-so much. Last time, we were in a classroom all the time, everyday also get to meet, but now, no chance already. Everyone always busy with their own thing. I guess we need more gathering.

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Good job, Caiqian!

So after Jin Jie house, it’s some break time. I actually went to the camera shop to get some gear, then meal at Prangin Mall only then go to the last house of the day and it’s Jen’s house. The Leo Club friends had a BBQ dinner at Jen’s place and I went there with Alvin. So basically, Alvin was with me the whole day.

IMG_5549 by nicholaschan.
Chin Keong with the stick.

We were there late and luckily food were BBQ-ed and I need not to spend time in front of the fire. ^^

IMG_5550 by nicholaschan.
Victor, why you laugh like that?

IMG_5545 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5554 by nicholaschan.
Lester, me and Victor.

Eat, eat, eat. There’s chicken wings, satay, chicken pie, potato, lots of soft drinks, and marshmallow!

IMG_5559 by nicholaschan
Pei Chia.

IMG_5578 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5581 by nicholaschan.
Wan Pei vs Kooi Jin.

IMG_5583 by nicholaschan.

The last part was funny, it’s seeing Kooi Jin making jokes in Jen’s room and Wan Pei pillow fight with Kooi Jin. HAHA!

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