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Sotong Bakar, Bing Tang Hu Lao, Potato Roll in Jonker Walk, Malacca

As you know, I went to Malacca few weeks back, to look for some nice Malacca food and to check out the historical site. One of the famous attraction in Malacca is Jonker Walk, the famous night market on the weekend.

First up I want to talk about something I DISLIKE at the Jonker Walk which is the Sotong Bakar because it’s cost freaking RM10!!! The person somemore told me it’s freshly BBQ and it’s crispy but somehow it’s not crispy at all and it’s hard to bite. At first she said shi in Mandarin I thought is RM4, but actually she was saying 10. I have a little bit not satisfied with the price so I just pay and try, but somehow it’s just nothing special. No wonder so little people visit the stall. Don’t try it. It’s expensive!

There also have taiwanese sausage but so-so only when compare to the one in Kuala Lumpur.

Nice to see that there’s Bing Tang Hu Lao, a Chinese-style candy sold at there. It’s fruit dip into to sweet and it’s hardened. Not bad.

The best street food that I found on the Jonker Walk is this potato springy roll. It’s actually came from a piece of potato and then slowly sliced into this shaped then deep fried into crisp condition. Then topped with sauce like mayonaise, chili sauce or powder, cheese and more. It’s just simply delicious. I can’t find it in Penang nor Kuala Lumpur’s night market yet.

Well, if were to check the variety of street food in Jonker Walk, then unfortunately I have to say there’s not awesomely much, but the number of food still can fill up your stomach. There’s hawker stall at one end too. =)

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