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ADV: S.O.X. Drum and Dance Competition 2011 Is Back! BIGGER, BETTER

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Hey guys, still remember about the S.O.X. All-Stars Drum and Dance competition that happened last years and year before which have been a topic of all high-school student? It’s back at this time of the year. Still remember it attracted more than 8400 people to the National Stadium last year and it’s really a very big drumline and cheerleadning in Malaysia, in fact it’s the biggest of all AFAIK.

44 by you. 15 by you.

So what I want to tell you guys that the competition is back and be ready to train your drumline and dance team and bring your school into this competition. From what I have know is that are giving out more than RM100,000 worth of cash and prizes this year! OMG, the prize value increases to 6 digits now!


And this year, radio DJ Ean and Zher will be making a special appearance at the competition, so if you are a fan of them, you must come check out this music and beats competition.

And I’ve got some inside source commenting about last year’s event.

3C Band from SM Cochrane (DRUM) – “We feel really, really great today! We enjoyed the performance! Biasa lah, yang jerit mostly the girls kan? We all rasa happy, semangat pun datang!”

D’Starz from SMK (P) Sri Aman (CHEER) – “Everyone was really good but we’re definitely on top!”

Are you feeling itchy now and want to join the competition? Hehe. Do check out the videos below about last year’s competition. It will be bigger, better and better-er. =D




Faster register your team now and start training! Oh yeah and check out the website too. See ya there at this competition! I will be there.

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