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Hong Kong: I Love Mong Kok, Tai Kok Tsui and Sai Yeung Choi Street South

Hello people. How’s your weekend doing? I am feeling tired because I slept late last night. Haha, to be exact is sleepy, but I feel like writing a blog now so today I want to bring you to Hong Kong again. Mong Kok, Tai Kok Tsui and place near there. =D So previously, I went to Western Market, after that I went back to North Point to meet my brother.

After meeting with my brother, we didn’t want to waste more time in the hotel. We went to Kowloon right away, to Mongkok, to Tai Kok Tsui to meet my aunty at her restaurant. Tai Kok Tsui is somewhere near to Mongkok which is not accessible by MTR, though foot would be fine for us.

Alight at Mong Kok station. Mong Kok stands for busy corner in Cantonese.

Nice HSBC Screen. =)

Few years back, we didn’t really know the way to my aunty’s place. My aunty runs a restaurant at Tai Kok Tsui and so we took the cab there. But now we knew the way around and we tried walking there, actually it’s not really far, only 15-20 minutes of walk, and the cooling weather didn’t make us feel uncomfortable.

Sleepy face Yikhung brother.

Nice crossing.

While on the way to Tai Kok Tsui from Mong Kok, we passed by many shops and malls and also stopped by for some bubble tea break. Bubble tea was nice and the feeling of the bubbles jelly were different, it’s more chewy. =D

Dropped by at Langham Place to check out the shopping mall and it’s a nice shopping place for the youngs one because the shops inside are cater for people like us. It’s a super big mall but then the way of shopping is going up and has like 11-12 floors of shopping. There’s many nice stuff to check out and truly recommend this place for shopping. There’s a big H&M on the ground level too.

Then we continue our way and passed by a market that I have been to before 3 years back. It’s still the same, still that many people on the street shopping for food and fruits in the afternoon.

Tai Kok Tsui 大角咀

One weird thing about Hong Kong’s weather when compare to Malaysian’s weather is that I didn’t really see the sun, it’s hazy and always block the view of the round egg yolk-ish sun.

And we reached Pak Lam Restaurant! My aunty’s Hong Kong’s style restaurant. =) Had our lunch and afternoon tea at there and we were really very full after that cause she just keep serving us food non-stop. Haha. We spent like two hours in the restaurant talking with aunty and uncle.

We got to know that operating a restaurant in Hong Kong is not easy because there will be no break and rental is so freaking expensive. People coming in and out nonstop from morning till night and the restaurant is so small.

Pak Lam Restaurant, Tai Kok Tsui.

After saying good bye to uncle and aunty, we went back to Mongkok and proceed to shopping on Sai Yeung Choi Street, the most happenings street in Kowloon.

I guess I’ll like the photo speaks. =D Construction site are nice to be photographed, ohh yum yum delicious construction site. =D

Small little super small petrol station.

Sai Yeung Choi Street South 西洋菜南街

And here we go, we came back to Sai Yeng Choi Street South, Mongkok area. The most happenings electronic and clothing street in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Full of people, a street that vehicle cannot go through and it’s people everywhere on the street, students, worker, shoppers, tourists, anyone! I really like this happening street a lot. Especially the neon signboards and LED screen, real awesome. It’s really a piece of art.

Handsome brother, we don’t look alike though.

Construction site!

One thing that I always saw in Hong Kong is people having a chair in the middle of the road taking up a board writing “buying second hand gadget in high price”, meaning they want your phone and gadget and willing to buy from you. I think some black market are running this, they are everywhere and I am sure people in need of money will go and look for them.

Well, the acid throwing incident that happened in the movie 72 Tenants of Prosperity that shown last year is true that the movie talk about life on this Sai Yeung Choi Street and there’s people throwing acid fluid from rooftop. Really very dangerous.

Awesome. If Penang do have such street, it sure fail, because it’s too hot here. Perhaps they could make an roof for it, then it will be damn awesome. Haha. Mong Kok rocks to the max man!

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