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Random x Taylor’s Life in 2011

Hello guys. It seems like everytime I will start up my post with, “Sorry for not blogging lately and blablabla”. Haha. I am so slow and so out of blogging right now. One thing I want to say is I am not quitting my blog, I love this space, a space for me to share whenever I want, my photos, my life and everything. Just that the enthusiasm isn’t as strong as last time already. Lots of study stuff to do, interaction issues, play, girlfriend, friends and family.

Anyway, I still gonna get this blog updating and keep on the net and Google search. =)

Rasyid bought a new camera and shooting at the cake brought by Arvin from Indonesia.

Since I am writing a post again, I want to give a shout out there, to those Chung Ling High School friends, old friends that haven’t meet for quite a long time, how are you guys? Hope you guys are doing good, so do I.

The guy in blue is Rasyid, one of the first few person I met when I came to Taylor’s last year.

Well, I am just gonna post something random, photos taken weeks ago at here about uni life in city of Kuala Lumpur.

The very famous Farah. Haha. I don’t wanna talk about the famous-ness here. Lalala.

So, it’s a new semester, moved into the second semester of the course and everything is getting on track, and assignment and homework are getting heavier and harder and more sleepless night coming ahead. I think reorganize and rethink my way of study, I think study shouldn’t be hard and suffering, it should be fun. Study smart?

Hello Anastasia! People always just don’t know where her home country is, Belarus, the one between Poland and Russia.

I believe in college and university, there’s always a lecturer that’s very picky, troublesome and perfectionist, which makes work harder. Everyone hates, dislikes or better saying, uncomfortable with him, but I believe he is bringing something good to us. Hopefully he will turn me into a good designer. Do you have a lecturer that’s gives you many troublesome task?

The over high self-confidence MJ from Iran which having a Bieber Fever right now.

“Don’t be sad or angry if your design/idea get rejected because in the real world, it’s a very common stuff, people only pick one for the end product, and afterall, it’s still your design.” Pretty cool huh?

Vincent from Vietnam

In uni, I learned to swear in Vietnamese, “Dit mei mai” something something, which I don’t want to tell you what it means, because I am unsure about it. Haha. I know it’s “Dit” something. Haha. One good thing about coming over here to study is I met people from different places, both local and International. It’s quite a good experience knowing people from everywhere.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are my study days. That’s all, yet assignment and work filled my weekend. Time management is really an important thing at this time, I am very poor in managing time and hopefully someone can guide me through it. Hehe. So tomorrow I’ll be having class from 10-12. That’s all, but then work. Aduhainya.

Ok, chao! Happy college and university-ing. By the way, Taylor’s has a nice homemade ice cream stall at V Cafe. Yum yum.

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