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Malacca Trip: Checking Out The Hang Li Poh Well

Hello people, I went to Hong Kong last week, but I am not going to talk about Hong Kong this time, I am going to talk about Malacca, the historical state in Malaysia which I went, a week before Hong Kong. Yay. This time was on a road trip with my dearest Hueisean. Was thinking a Valentine’s trip together and Malacca was the destination.

I actually have been to Malacca for a several times, but the pictures were not really clear in my mind because I was quite young and I didn’t take it seriously. Haha. I have look online for information and the phone’s GPS was my guide to the little town down south from Kuala Lumpur.

We started our trip in the morning, without any breakfast as we were hoping to starve ourselves to eat all the nice food Malacca have. The road journey took about 1.5 hours to reach there from Kuala Lumpur. Very easy to go only, just drive south on PLUS highway and exit when sees the Malacca Town sign.

Our itinerary was pretty impromtu, there’s no plan and we go what’s comes into mind first. The first stop was the famous Hang Li Poh Well at Bukit Cina which is known as the older well in the city, built by the Chinese in Malacca long long time ago. I got fooled by the GPS for a few times as it leaded us to a wrong places and thankfully we found the place in the end.

It’s located outside a Chinese temple and it’s just a well, nothing much. Since I am a fan of temple so I wander around the places, not because I am a very religious person, just kinda attracted to religious architecture, they are pretty cool, and peace.

Everything was good but the weather was very hot. We came in from the behind of the temple and the well is located in front of the temple. Passed through the temple gate and we will find a well located in a walled location.

Walking into the walled garden-liked place, I find a well, that’s the Hang Li Poh’s Well or also known as the Sam Poh’s Well. I don’t know what’s so attractive about it. It’s just an old well with no design. Since everywhere on the Internet is talking about it, so I went to check it out. Haha.

After checking out the well, off we go. There’s no shade at the well and we didn’t want to be tanned, so went off quickly. If it’s not hot, I might check out what’s made it so special. Haha.

Off to Jonker Street / Jalan Hang Jebat to check into the guest house after that. =)

How to go: Look for Bukit Cina and you will find the temple. Just park your car by the roadside.


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