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Random Tuesday In The Last Week Of May 2010

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The weather was pretty dark on this day. There’s sun but there’s no blue sky and white clouds. It’s dull and seems like it’s going to rain but somehow, I didn’t see the rain. It’s windy and some part of the day but it’s not sunny and very very nice day. It’s just, dull. Woke up early like at 9am and I was so blur because I slept at almost 3 last night for watching V. Actually wanted to go to the telco office to do change Maxis to Digi but mom said it’s troublesome, so end up using back Maxis again and upgraded my mobile Internet to a 3GB one.

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Went for brunch at Lorong Seratus Tahun, it’s the famous curry noodle. Brunch is not good for health but no choice, I skipped lunch so it had become my brunch.

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Went to Delima Palace, a new condominium at Island Glades and dad is working on the interior design of a client there. I went to help out a bit on the decorations. It’s almost done now, it’s just some electric, cabling, and a little more decorations and it’ll be cool.

IMG_1545 by nicholaschan.

Dad! Happy father’s day. ^.^ Love you.

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