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Away to PLKN (Day 60): My Botak Bald Head

63 days ago, I haven’t go into National Service yet. National Service need all the male trainee to have their hair bald and of course, they provide free hair cut. But somehow, I decided to had my very own botak (bald) haircut before going to NS. So I went to look for those Indian barber to cut my hair, it’s cheap, neat and fast.

2010-03-24 Botak Kia1 by nicholaschan.

I did cut botak before, it was so long time ago when I was Standard 2, still remember that time were to go to Australia to travel, but no idea why mom brought me to cut botak. Now because of NS, I’ve got my chance to be bald, else I won’t be bald until don’t know when.

Sorry for being vain, because it’s once in a life time and many friends were shock and excited of my hairstyle, so it had been two months, guess every has already feel comfortable with my hairless head.

2010-03-24 Botak Kia3 by nicholaschan

LOL. Shit. Bald is pretty cool, but a little hard to fashion myself up with the head. I don’t want to wear a hip hop cap.

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