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This is just a simply crap post writeup. Today is Saturday and I want to wish you all Happy Thaipusam. It’s a very happenings day here in Penang and all the Indian comes out to party on the street. I like festival, I like happenings and I like my hometown, Penang.

Though, traffic jam will be everywhere and I need to take the longest route to go to any place to prevent passing by Jalan Utama and Jalan Dato Keramat where the Thaipusam possession is held.

DSC04027 by nicholaschan.
ITP school of engineering so hidden in Victoria Street. First time knowing that there’s a school here.

Back to crap post, one fine day, I took the Sony T200 out instead of the Canon 400D, it’s tiny and sleek, but the quality is still far not to par with the DSLR, very suck for low light, yet still it’s fun to shoot. I like shooting it in 16:9 format, wide screen is nice. Although I still can crop my photos taken with DSLR to 16:9, but still I kinda lazy some times.

DSC04028 by nicholaschan.

So, the reason of going to town was helping dad to do stuff like cheque deposit and collect stuff from the post office. He drives and I work it out.

DSC04034 by nicholaschan.
I don’t ride motorbike. Do you?

DSC04038 by nicholaschan.

Went to the Poslaju office to collect a parcel for dad, and he thought it’s something important, but turn out to be 4 RM10 Padini voucher, yet still pretty cool, I can go shopping already! It’s some reward scheme by the credit card company.

DSC04041 by nicholaschan.

After that passed by Little India and saw a lot of Indians at there doing their business. If you wind down your window when passing this place, you can hear a lot of free bollywood music. Kinda cool. =D

At this moment, I am sitting in front of the computer, writing blog on one hand, and the TV behind me is playing Leverage latest episode. Do you watch Leverage? =D Enjoy. Gonna plan where to go later already. Chao! Happy Thaipusam once again!

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Image by Channel X.

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50% discount on Channel X downloads all day long, buy-1-free-1 during the happy hours and win hot hot hot prizes! OMG, so tempting, luckily I am a Xpax user too. Faster go check it out, you can enjoy all these until 31st March 2010.

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