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Chung Ling Dragon Boat Tragedy Memorial

It has been two week since the Chung Ling Dragon Boat Tragedy passed. My school lost a teacher, and 5 student and I lost a friend. I know that we have to move on from now, although the thing is still in my and our head, still we have to move on, life goes on from now. Anyhow, it’s still a sad thing.

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Yesterday, the school had a memorial event in the school hall. I wanted to go, but I was stuck in a traffic jam because of Thaipusam festival. When I arrived in school, the whole school was quiet, and it was almost the end of the memorial.

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It was playing a video clips of the lates, and it’s a very emo moment, tears dropped down once again. Still feeling and thinking, WHY?

Some says that they shouldn’t have this memorial event because it was getting forgotten in the mind and almost move on with life, but this thing has caused emotional breakdown once again.

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There’s student, families, teachers, alumni, and people from the press.

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Everyone in the hall paid a last respect before dismissing. We will always miss you. >.<

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