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Pulau Ketam – A Weekend Getaway Island

Pulau Ketam – A Weekend Getaway Island – Last Saturday was a pretty interesting one and a bit of tiring because lots of walking. Luckily the weather was just nice to allow us to walk! It was a visit to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island), an island 45 minutes off Port Klang. Thinking of beautiful ivory sandy beach and 5-star resorts with parasailing and banana boats, as well as bikini chicks? You are on the wrong page, it’s nothing close to that, it’s a Chinese fishing village!
It’s quite a fun exploration because we took the KTM train to from Subang to Port Klang, then changed to a ferry that cost RM7/one way to Pulau Ketam. Whole journey to the island took about 2 hours, that, yeah, quite long.
For a while I was in the city, and another while, I came to somewhere really far away from the bustling city, it’s serene, calm and relax. It’s a village after all, with no motor vehicles, except boats. Walking is one way to travel around, another way is cycle. No car, or motorcycle, that’s why I would say it’s totally different from the city.
Well, people said it’s famous for seafood, but I still prefer going to Kuala Selangor for seafood, it’s more likely touristy business for the seafood. There’s not much business on the island, people there relax, and I believe they know every one on the island. Tourist like us go there to spend part of the day to getaway from the city, relax, and see something different.
We walked around the island, we prayed at the Buddhist temple, we ate the seafood, we shoot a lot of photos and we laughed.
If someone were to maintain the island well, clean up the rubbish, beautify the village, I am sure that this will be one good tourist destination, but… there’s still big space of improvement. See Penang’s Chew Jetty, it’s so touristy and beautiful now.
Nevertheless, it was still a nice getaway.
A photo with the ex prime minister before he go home and retires. Jason, Wei Shi, Siyi and Henry.
Me, Hooi Pheng, Connie, Zhi Inn, Quenna.
Car wash, good! I’ve forget to tell you, the KTM train is so slow!
The RM7/way ferry that bring us to the island.
The ferry interior, somehow mysterious, and old school, and old.
Sign of election is coming where the parties are competiing on who has the most or biggest flags. Lame shit.
Rent a bicycle for RM5 per day and we decided to just walk!
The road.
Police station.
The girls doing prayers, praying for good man to appear in their life? Haha.
Nice table to sleep!
Well look, I am camouflage!
Noah’s Ark in work.
White shoes, reminded me of high school.
Hello little girls!
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