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Photograph Scan, Book Fair Bee, One-Leg Goose & Brooklyn Bridge

Photograph Scan, Book Fair Bee, One-Leg Goose & Brooklyn Bridge – Back to school, back to university, it’s second week of the new semester and I am very busy already, many assignments to settle and I really have to manage time well. This semester, the timetable is kinda uncomfortable because my class starts at 8am on Monday to Wednesday.

Imagine 8am class, I have to wake up early and I don’t get sufficient sleep everyday. That’s no good to my health. I know I can sleep early to achieve the standard 8 hours of sleep but then I couldn’t do it, I can’t afford to sleep early, I have plenty of work to do, I want to be A Star student. Hahaha. Anyway, class have been going smoothly, it’s fun, it’s tiring, it’s OK, it’s not-bad, it’s still good. Well, let’s check out some interesting photos that I have taken few days ago.

1. Technology is really awesome, now everyone does not need to copy notes on the screen anymore, it just take your camera, point and shoot, and scan. That’s it. Simple as that. It’s funny to see that when everyone is standing in front of the screen.

2. Little reading bee mascot was walking around campus to promote the Taylor’s Book Fair. There was a book fair at the library, a few bookstores were there, but I did not buy anything, I don’t really read, I prefer design magazine. How about you?

3. 1-legged goose! ???? It actually hid its leg and stood on one-leg under the heavy rain, I wondered, why?

4. Followed my friend to the Taylor’s ADP (American Degree Program) office, it’s pretty cool up there, it’s like school in the USA where students can hang out around here. I believe it’s a place for ADP student to wait and chill before the next class.

5. Feel free to hang out here for as long as you want ……….

6. Found Brooklyn Bridge of New York here at the office! I want this in my room.

On the other hand……

Are you guys going to any holiday? It seems to be a while that I did not travel, the last place I traveled was Singapore a few weeks ago, and I am planning to go else where during my next holiday, perhaps Taiwan, or maybe the USA or UK. I am dreaming a lot. Haha, because a lot of friends of mine are in UK, I want to go there to find them and travel around, but my dream place would be the USA.

Anyway, I did actually¬† plan many holiday, but then they normally turns up to be a last minute holiday, ‘plan ahead’ doesn’t seems to work on me. Your itinerary can be plan last minute, but the flights booking shall be made early, else it will be very expensive. Last time, my brother did not book the flights to Los Angeles early, ended up a very expensive flight rate. So, buy your flight ticket early. =D

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