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Parking And Walk To Taylor’s On Wednesday

This is quite a random post about what happened last Wednesday at Taylor’s University. Class was at in the middle of the day and I pretty hate it because of the hassle of looking for a parking spot in the campus.

Parking in university is always not a good thing as there’s so many student and cars where parking spots are not able to accommodate everyone, especially when selfish people like me don’t want to park at the paid zone. Even if I am forced to park at the paid zone, it would be full.

I parked far far away that afternoon, and took a nice walk about 400m to campus from car park. The weather was pretty cloudy and good. Wonder why it’s raining here so much, typhoon in Taiwan, hurricane in the USA and here we got the rainy days.

I wonder why the school want to collect fee for student’s parking. Why is the fee we paid isn’t able to cover a parking spot, I wonder why. It’s ok to collect money for parking fare, but at least built us a proper parking area with a good covered walkway that protect us from the shines and rain. Then I will shut my mouth up. Imagine walking to and from the car in the midst of hot sun or a rainy day.

Spotted an unknown lecturer got a surprise birthday wish from her friends. Pretty cool.

The school is getting more and more commercialize which isn’t a good way of promoting education. That’s reality, that’s fact.

One fact about Taylor’s University is that the traffic jam that occur around 4pm everyday. It’s the super big jam in campus, connecting out to the main road until the nearest traffic light. A normal good flow of traffic will takes about less than 10 minutes out but with a jam, do expect about half an hour.

I have already accepted the shity rocky parking, finding a parking spot and walking towards class. That’s my college life. HA! Blablabla.

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