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NetSentry – Monitor Your Data Usage On Android

NetSentry – Monitor Your Data Usage On Android – I’ve realized that my Nexus One uses a lot of data. Although I do have a data plan, but sadly, it’s not unlimited, I only have the 500mb data plan and unlimited data plan is rather expensive for Maxis. I turned of Gmail syncing and now it only auto sync Calendar and Contact.

I need to test use for another month to see whether 500mb is enough for me or not. The only thing I must not do to make sure that I won’t use a lot of data is Youtube, as you know Youtube sucks a lot of data.

NetSentry - Monitor Your Data Usage On Android

Unlike my old Nokia N95, there’s no data counter on the Android. But after some searching in the Market, I found an application that can shows how much data you have used and auto resets every month. It’s called NetSentry, better than NetCounter IMO.

I set 500MB data limit, so I assume there will be a notification when reaching the limit. Hopefully, 500MB is enough for me or Maxis must revise their data plan rate.

Scan the QR code with your Android barcode reader or click here to download.

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