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I Bought A New Camera, Panasonic Lumix LX5 from Digital Mall

Hohoho people. I am back to the blogging scene, hopefully. Really very sorry, I guess you guys don’t want to hear about my lame excuses again. It’s just I am lazy and lazy to upload photo. XD One word, lazy. I apologize sincerely and I try to catch up with you guys when the real Internet access is available at my area as they are still installing at the moment.

So I want to share with you guys that I have bought a new camera, a compact point and shoot that I have craving for so long, it was the Panasonic LX3 but now it’s the Panasonic LX5 which came out like a month ago. Drools. Likes. Although it doesn’t really fit into jeans pocket but yet, it’s still a compact camera which does manual mode and as an alternative for my DSLR.

Have been using for DSLR for 3 years, taking that baby out for everyday and finally thought of lighten myself instead of a heavy gear. While this serve as a transition gear until I get a new DSLR, somewhere next year.

I checked out the Internet and seems like price everywhere is the same. I bought for RM1599 at PJ Digital Mall, First Floor Canon Stall. Good price IMO. Found the place from a forum. First time going there and shockingly looking the exterior a little bit ugly building but inside is just anoter Low Yat Plaza, filled with electronic, gadget and computer hardware, just that it’s smaller.

I went out that day with Victor, my school mate, Leo Club friend, also was my senior in Chung Ling High School. After buying that white sexy, I drove home.

GPS on my Nexus One, quite fast, quite precise but the POI not so updated, and no sexy “Turn right into Jalan Blabla”, but still rocks.

It was raining again here in Kuala Lumpur, my hand was itchy and can’t wait to touch my new sexy and I took it out for a road shoot. Shoot here and there to cure my itchyness. It’s a wonderful compact camera. I love it. No regret buying it.

So many people queuing for iPhone 4. OMG. Sigh.

Went to Sunway Pyramid to buy some groceries and tid bits. It’s nearest to my place so I went there. =)

This is not a rat, it’s a Guinea Pig, like what you see in G Force the movie.

Han Tek, from Penang.

Han Hui, also from Penang. No, they are not siblings.

Went to dinner right after going to Sunway Pyramid as I was too hungry then I called my 2 housemates along. =)

LX5 Rocks! Sometimes also can’t differentiate which is taken from a DSLR which is taken from a LX5. Haha. Yo! Have a nice day. Writing blog so early is pretty fun.

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