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Kelana Jaya LRT to KLCC with Penang People

Last weekend was an awesome, wet, tiring, reunion and fun Saturday to me. I get to go to downtown Kuala Lumpur for a walk, to see the magnificent twin towers which had become boring to me, see the gorgeous Pavilion shopping mall, the crowded but not as crowded as Singapore’s Orchard Rd’s Bukit Bintang. =D

From Bandar Sunway to Kuala Lumpur. I have found a way to get there fast, save expensive parking cost at Kuala Lumpur’s shopping mall and that is park your car or go to Kelana Jaya LRT then then the LRT straight to the city. I know people here might know it already, but there’s still from Penang still don’t know.

Haha. You need to use your Touch N’ Go to part at the LRT and you need to use the LRT service in order to have your car park fee at RM3 the whole day or else you will be charged hourly. Arron asked me why I knew about this, because I Google-d. LOL.

That day was a wet day because it’s raining on and off, cats and dogs, Tom and Jerry. Sometimes big, sometimes, small. Made going place difficult only.

That days attendee were me your blogger, Arron from Penang, Tee Jin, from Penang, Pin Hoong from Penang, Carmen from Penang, Xiu Xin from Penang, and Jing Min from Penang. OK, they are all from Penang. I don’t know what am I talking about. >.< It’s Saturday, it’s weekend and everyone took a day off from study. Some come far from Shah Alam, some come far from Damansara and the furthest was Sepang, which is 45 minutes ride from there. Woo.

I don’t know why, I have tell you before. I have something on subways and LRT. I just like riding on it. It’s fun. At here in Kuala Lumpur, there’s the KTM and LRT. KTM is nearer to me and I get free parking by parking at Carrefour carpark, but then I don’t want to use the service because of the slowness, and dirty. LRT is much more faster, frequency is like 5 minutes per train and I can go KLCC directly, though a Ringgit more expensive.

What is this?!

I tell you LRT user, or whatever commuter user in KL, go get a Touch N Go car for your ride, save up time and make Malaysia more high tech. Utilize it, it’s not just for toll. I have one, bought from Penang and I pay for Penang Bridge for only RM5.60 instead of standard toll rate RM7.00. Special privilege.

Actually, there’s reason I go to KLCC because my lecturer asked me to go check out the HOMEDEC exhibition which is related to my studies. My friends who are not in the course were so kind to acompany me go there. You guys rocks. Thank you.

Super expensive chocolate, who can buy for me?

When we reached KLCC, we wanted to go to the KLCC, which is the convention centre but sadly it rain super heavily because there’s no shade or covered walkway or underground passes going there, do they? We didn’t know so we waited the rain to stop only then we walk there.

I don’t really know around in there, I seriously need a pro to guide me. That would be my dad, but he’s not around in Kuala Lumpur. Perhaps the next exhibition, I shall ask him along then explain each and everything to me. =) Superman dad rocks.

Bought some cheap magazine at there to do some references at home.

After KLCC HomeDec, the sky rained again! @#&%(*%)! We wanted to call the Sun come out but we didn’t have his number so in the end, we wait wait wait, then we take taxi go to Pavilion. Haha. The first taxi really shit, quoted us RM10 for just a walking distance, the next one was better, RM5, we 5 person hopped on and another 2 were under the
umbrella. Next stop, Pavilion, Bukit Bintang and go back home. ^.^

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