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Hong Kong: Causeway Bay And Somewhere Around

Hello my friends, I will be writing quite a few posts about Hong Kong this few days because I realized that I still have quite many photos to share with you guys about my Hong Kong trip during Chinese New Year this year. Although it’s late, it’s still nice to share and bring back my memory when I was in Hong Kong. This makes me miss Hong Kong so much.

As you know, one of the famous place in Hong Kong is Causeway Bay 铜锣湾 which is a mid-high end shopping district and people like to go there to shopping and also number one hang out place for Hong Kees. =)

Everytime go to Hong Kong must go to this place because of the crowds and it’s the most happening place on the Hong Kong island, whereas on Kowloon side will be the Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok area.

The famous Times Square shopping mall also situated at there but I tell you it’s quite boring inside, looking old and dull even it features some international brand at there. I don’t really like walking inside.

One cool thing about this place is that if you comes at night at 1am, there’s still people hanging around, it’s like a place that does not sleep at night. Very happenings.

I don’t know why Hong Kong has so many happenings place. Unlike Malaysia, Penang or KL. KL has the Bukit Bintang area and that’s all, and Penang, I can’t think of any happenings place, perhaps Gurney Drive? But on the weekend only. I like to go out and join the fun.

One thing that you must do at Causeway Bay, Times Square area is that go to the street food stall opposite of Times Square and grab some local street food like curry fish ball, mixed beef organs, sausages and more. They are real awesome and my dad love it very much.

It’s a trend that people either stand by the roadside to eat, or grab and eat and shop at the same time. It’s really an Hong Kong culture, that you probably can’t find it here in Malaysia.

Causeway Bay is a real shopping district, given you want to find cheap stuff at Jardine’s Crescent, or some young stuff and mid-end fashion at Sogo and Island Bevely Shopping Arcade, if you want high-end, go to Times Square. =D

Brother and I were actually walking pointlessly, and almost lost the way of going back to Times Square. Haha, but we didn’t went back there, we went to somewhere else we didn’t know where it was. We keep walking and walking to explore the place around.

And we found World Trade Centre. A office place revamped into a shopping mall too and I found Muji, my favourite Japanese minimalism item store. I wonder when Muji will come to Penang or Malaysia.

There’s plenty street food corner in Hong Kong, you can find them at almost any corner, so no worry of being hungry in Hong Kong because you can get food easily.

We also found the famous in TVB series, 打小人 hit small people, which literally means hitting the paper man with the name of the person you hate or want to curse. It’s kinda famous and lame, but still there’s people visiting these grandmas.

=D D24 Durian at Hong Kong’s Hui Lao Shan.

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