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Bloggers Without Borders With Hotlink Prepaid

Hey guys. Do you know that Hotlink prepaid can now do data roaming when you are overseas? Yes, you can! With the new Hotlink Prepaid Data Roaming, you can surf the net, check the mail and blog wherever you want. No need to pre-activate like post paid.

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 5.26.38 PM

So I need a favor from you guys here. In order to let me do live blogging at Philippines with Hotlink’s Prepaid Data Roaming. I need you guys to vote for me in the Bloggers Without Borders contest. =) Vote, vote, vote then I’ll be sharing every cool stuff at there with you through blog, Twitter, Facebook and almost everything.


Just help to vote for me here and I’ll bring you some surprise too! Cheers!

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Nick is an interior designer and tech enthusiast based in Penang, Malaysia who constantly exploring places, indulges great food, discovering good design and is a shutterbug. Nick usually writes about Penang, happenings, travel, food, design and personal thoughts.

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