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Tainan Restaurant at Midlands Park Shopping Centre, 1-Stop

Midlands Park Shopping Centre or more to known as 1-Stop is a place in Pulau Tikus which was a glory during 199x. However, the crowds get lesser and lesser and there’s not much retail shop except it’s famous for DVDs and computer accessories. People visit there just to eat McDonald’s, KFC or perhaps a short walk by the people who are residing in the Berjaya George Town Hotel just next to it.

My recent visit changed my view on Midlands Park Shopping Centre and found that there’s actually quite a number of F&B outlets serving office workers mostly and the locals.


Well, I am glad to be invited by Chin Wai, the owner of Tainan Restaurant in Midlands Park Centre for a little food testing and sharing session. I am a fan of Taiwanese food especially for those beef noodle, and fried chicken chop and of course bubble tea and when I got the invitation, I was so excited and surprised because I didn’t know there’s actually a Taiwanese restaurant at 1 Stop Midlands Park.

According to Chin Wai, this restaurant has over 10 years of history and features a classic and homey look which he said will be renovate and redesign the place to a more modern look. Even though the place looks classic and homey, there’s still frequent customers who visit the place quite often as some said it gives a sense of home.

So let’s get into some food shall we? =) He served us bubble tea nicely for each of us. It may not be the best bubble tea compare to Chatime, Gong Cha or whatever out there, but still it’s a good bubble tea at a Taiwanese restaurant.

Their food menu normally comes with a soup, beverage and dessert. Here what you see above is Golden Drumstick Rice (RM7.50). A crispy chicken drumstick with rice and minced pork topping and a little vegetable.

If you are a fan of chicken wings not the drumstick, they got the Golden Chicken Wing Rice (RM7) too, actually it comes with rice just but we didn’t want that many rice that day. It’s cheaper than the drumstick by RM0.50 and to me I like the chicken wing more than the drumstick, it’s even crispier and tastier.

Taiwan is always famous for crispy deep fried food. What you are seeing above is the Pork Chop (RM7 with rice) and it’s crispyness makes it tasted good and keep wanting more.

If you fancy something different with a little bit mayonnaise topping and crispyness, the Crispy Nestum Chicken Ball (RM8) is good. The Nestum added a little bit of cereal oats taste, making it feel more than chicken and it’s feel a little bit like chicken nugget, but in an oriental way.

Taiwan is famous for beef noodle. If you go to Taiwan, beef noodle can be seen almost at anywhere. At Tainan Restaurant, they do serve Beef Noodle too. What’s special is the soup which actually more creamy than normal Taiwanese beef noodle. The beef taste is strong and overall it’s OK-good.

I am a fan of Taiwanese sausage because of the tenderness and sweetness in the sausage. It tasted special and they have it too at RM8.50 which comes with rice.

Lastly, check out their Prawn Roll (RM7.50) which stuffed little shrimp in it and have a crispy skin outside. It looks like lobak but actually it’s shrimp. Comes with rice too!

So, here you go, a little intro of a mini Taiwanese restaurant at Midlands Park 1 Stop and you now have another place for lunch and dinner. Cheer~

Tainan Restaurant

(1 Stop) Midlands Park Centre
488-1-07 Burma Road
10350 Oenang

Tel: 016-4909795


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