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Dimsum At Chong Qing Lao Huo Guo, Kelawai Road

The Chinese hot pot chain at Kelawai Road has been making the limelight lately in Penang for its good late night steamboat (that’s what we call hot pot in Penang) and every time I passed by the restaurant, it’s always full of patron’s vehicles from evening till midnight.

Though, the funny thing is I have yet to try the steamboat and I am looking forward for my next steamboat meal. As their opening hours is 5pm before sunset – 5am before sunrise, the restaurant was always close in the day and just until recently, it serves dim sum during the day which somewhat makes it an all day restaurant.

Being a Cantonese descendant, dim sum is essential in life. Hahaha, and we went for a Sunday breakfast. The crowds was strong but the waitress seemed unused to the dim sum serving as it took them long for us to make the order.

However, serving was pretty quick and thereafter, we were chomping our yummy siu mai (pork dumpling) and har gao  (shrimp dumpling) all the way. A quick recap with the dim sum I had, it’s not the best to my taste buds, yet it’s somewhat a step up if to compare with local Penang’s dim sum in Farlim or Lip Sin. I’ve been to dim sum in KL, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Guangzhou and still nothing in Penang resembles the authentic-ness yet.

Tips, don’t order wan tan noodle and the cheong fun, it’s just, not good. Noodle soup was too blend, the noodle was soft and not springy; while the cheong fun’s shrimp was not fresh and the soy sauce was totally tasteless. Come back again? Probably. Still in search for good dim sum in Penang, I remembered Forum Restaurant at Island Plaza was good when I was small.

重庆老火锅 – Kelawai Road Branch
41, Kelawai Road,
10250 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: +604-2295155
Daily: 5pm – 5am
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