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Christmas Eve Potluck at Boon Yan’s Apartment

Thinking back for Christmas’ Eve in 2008, I was having steamboat with Leo Club’s friend and in 2009’s Christmas’ Eve, I went to Boon Yan’s house for potluck dinner and they are also my Leo Club’s friend, with a few extra of my friends followed along and they were Arron, Chien Chern, Zez Chien, Chen Yuan and Ammerlynn. We didn’t know where to go and what to do, and Boon Yan invited me to her place for potluck so I brought them along.

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Potluck is where everyone bring some food and eat together. I bought lobak. Forgot to introduce, Boon Yan is the current president for Leo Club of Union High School.

IMG_1973 by nicholaschan.

There’s lots of pizza, lots of french fries, lots of lobak, lots of sparkling juice and some snacks. My friend very lame, they brought banana, loaf and potatoes.

IMG_2023 by nicholaschan.

Wallace the beatboxer.

IMG_2024 by nicholaschan.


IMG_2027 by nicholaschan.

The girls.

The whole night was about eating and playing the two Nintendo Wii game, Wii Sports and Bleach. I had the most fun on Bleach because the game is silly, it’s just keep swinging the Wiimote in the air and felt very lame.

IMG_2034 by nicholaschan.

Me and friends that I brought along. Arron, Ammerlynn, Tee Jin, Chien Chern, Chen Yuan.

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IMG_2030 by nicholaschan.

Boney came all the way back from New Zealand.

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Lester who got 8As in PMR that day, with Boney and Min Xiang.

IMG_2035 by nicholaschan.

Me, Lester, Tict Chyn and Hui Jen.

Then we took photos, we talked, we jokes. Wallace even did a few seconds of beatbox.

IMG_2019 by nicholaschan.

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Min Xiang and his Sammy.

IMG_1968 by nicholaschan.

This look gay. Chien Chern and Zez with the Wiimote.

IMG_1964 by nicholaschan.

Boon Yan has got a nice place there, quite spacious with nice view and lots of home entertainment.

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IMG_2049 by nicholaschan. IMG_2052 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2058 by nicholaschan.

This is Boon Yan, the host and organizer.

Thanks for inviting me over! =)


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