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Budapest: Very Beautiful Alexandra Book Cafe – Lotz Terem

Eastern Europe Trip // Budapest: Very Beautiful Alexandra Book Cafe – Lotz Terem – One of the thing you must do in Budapest is visit the beautiful cafe in this lovely city, filled with lovely architecture and lovely people like me! The cafe here is beautiful in a way of feeling grand, luxurious and European, it’s unlike any of the artsy or designer cafe in Penang or KL! It’s more than what you think, way better than a lot of European cafe.

There’s two cafe that I’ve visited in Budapest, one being the New York Cafe and the other one is this Alexandra Book Cafe that is so cool! A little bit hard to find at first and asking local about the place in English did not really help at all, we ended found that it’s quite near to Hungarian Opera House, and it’s located in a big book store name Alexandra. Initially we thought that the Book Cafe is a cafe that looks like a library, but it turned up to be a cafe that housed in the Alexandra Book Store.

It’s a very small cafe, but very happenings when we visited. The small luxurious interior with high ceilings, and the clanking of coffee cups further pulled me into the atmosphere.

The best chocolate cake I had, yet.

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