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Budapest: Must Visit Szechenyi Baths For A Dip

Eastern Europe Trip // Budapest: Must Visit Szehenyi Baths For A Dip – Budapest is famous for thermal bath, if you are happen to be in Budapest, be sure to visit any of the bath to have a good healthy, hot dip! I never know it’s that awesome after trying it out at the most famous one – Schzenyi Baths.

The Schchenyi Bath is the largest medicinal bath in Europe which medically speaking, dipping in the water in a correct way and at a correct duration is good for health! It’s a must do, but we did not know the correct way of acquiring the health benefit from it, so it was just a fun dip in the hot water, enjoying part of the body immerse in warm and relaxing 37C water and leaving the head out in the freezing weather.

Local people go there for medicinal purpose, but our visit was just a fun dip. During the free tour, the tour guide was like showing off that there’s so many genius Hungarian, one of the reason is that they often take a dip in the thermal bath, guess this dip would made us at least gain a little bit of IQ. LOL.

Szechenyi Bath is one of the most expensive bath in Budapest, but it’s also the most famous one and the largest one, so I think it was quite worthwhile. Price starting from 3800HUF (RM55), quite expensive for a dip in the hot water, but I tell you it’s gonna be fun especially hanging out there with a bunch of friends!

Perfect weather, perfect day for a bath!

The beautiful road in Budapest, beat UK’s!

The House Of Terror Museum, a famous museum about Nazi and high rating on TripAdvisor too, too bad we did not get to check it out.

Passed by the largest ice rink again!

Welcome to the outdoor pool people! Water at 37C, and outdoor is almost freezing point at 1C, the feeling was just great, especially cloth of walking out of the pool back into the indoor area.

Holy moly! You can check out their bath party at night too, which happens quite many times around the year!

It was already sunset when we were done we the bath!

Time to go, back to hostel!

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