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Breakfast At Kampung Broga

Breakfast At Kampung Broga – After the awesome, healthy and fun hike at Broga Hill, the stomach gets very hungry because I did not eat anything before the hike. Luckily there’s a small Chinese village nearby – Kampung Broga where you can find a hearty breakfast at one of the kopitiam there. It’s just 5 minutes drive, and the village is very very small. Well, you can say you reaches Negeri Sembilan at here, because the little village cut through the border of Selangor state and Negeri Sembilan state. No matter which state it is, food and refreshing drinks were more important at that time!
Introduced by a friend Zee Yin that she read on blogs that this little kopitiam serve good Cham Peng (mix of Kopi & Tea with ice) and so it’s our place for breakfast. Surprised that there’s no one in this little coffee shop and we shouted ‘Hello, anyone here?’ for several time, yet no one were there. Only after 10 minutes, someone walked toward us from the next door. It’s the owner, chilling at some other place as I guess they expect no people. Haha. Well, indeed true that throughout the morning, it’s only us! There’s one group of people walked in, but walked out just after that; very zho siao (playful) of them.
Very cute and unsual cut for Cham Peng. Very homy.
Well, you actually can find a variety of food in this little kopitiam that you see no food stalls. They serve steam bread, half boiled egg, wan tan mee, chicken feet mushroom mee, fried rice and more! Food actually served from the shop next door, but they shops are so friend that they serve here and there. Wan Tan Mee was my breakfast, noodle was springy, char siu was sweet, but wan tan were no where to be good. For only RM3.50, that’s where the taste goes to at this little town that not many people aware of. After all, the Cham Peng complimented my breakfast after a tiring and exciting hike.
Place for breakfast after hiking? This is it. Friendly owner, simple local food, and nice Cham Peng.
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