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Padang Brown Food Court


One of the nice place to have some local hawker food for lunch and tea is the Padang Brown Food Court, which located at Padang Brown, in line with Perak Road. Padang which literally means field, which on the other hand, Padang Brown means Brown’s Field.


There’s actually 3 food courts on Padang Brown, one houses under the official food court built for hawker, another 2 are not really official. It’s quite easy to spot this food court as it’s inline with Perak Road and also by the junction of Perak Road and Anson Road. There’s a monument in the middle of the food court too.

This food court only opens in the afternoon and offer a variety of local hawker food for you to try out like Char Koay Teow, Lok Lok, Asam Laksa and more.


People usually finds lok-lok at night time but at here you can find it in the afternoon. Lok-lok is actually raw food on stick, which you need to dip them in super hot boiling water and cook your own food. Then you eat it with different sauces. You can get as cheap as RM0.50 per stick.


I wasn’t that obsessed with char koay teow back then. All of this craving and obsession for char koay teow comes after I went to study at Kuala Lumpur and I had so much char koay teow during this holiday in my hometown, Penang.


I ordered myself a plate of char koay teow (RM3.00) at the food court and the redness looks spicy and yes it is, somehow it’s still good even it’s spicy. Although, it might not be the best, it’s still so much better than char koay teow in Kuala Lumpur and other places. You can always request for less spicyness. The only thing was it’s not dry enough.

Despite all the hotness, a glass of coconut juice was chilling at the food court and it’s a must try. =)


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