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Semenyih: Hiking The Broga Hill

Semenyih: Hiking The Broga Hill – Finally, I hiked the Broga Hill. I have always wanted to hike this little hill at the small rural town of Semenyih for a long time. 2 years ago, I planned the trip, but it never fulfilled. Now, with 6 more months left in Kuala Lumpur, I have to explore the places around as much as I can and never come back. Haha, just kidding. It’s just that my diploma studies is ending in August and that’s why.
Beautiful trail with twinkle twinkle little torch.
Back to Broga Hill, the famous hill for hiking to the people in Klang Valley and Seremban as it’s at the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. It’s located very far away from the city, about 50 minutes drive from Bandar Sunway. So last week, me and friends gathered at Taylor’s University as early as 4.30am, set up the GPS and followed the navigation and GO! I’ve got to tell you, prepare to meet 4-5 tolls before reaching Broga Hill, gosh, road tolls are killing my wallet. It’s very near to Nottingham University, passed the uni and drive for another 5 minutes then you will arrive then.
We reached the place about 5.45am, there’s already many car parked at the palm plantation area (the entrance is right opposite the Rabbit Fun Land). RM2 for parking and I am not sure whether the person really own the place. Just to be safe, pay for the RM2. It’s pitched dark, and very chilly early in the morning and many people were already there for an early hike waiting to see the sunrise!
At the top! Waiting. It’s still very early.
The leak of twilight. Lovely.
I relies on my phone’s flash light as guide, but my friends brought actual flash light to light up the hiking trail. It’s not a tall hill, but I’ve got to say, the hike is pretty challenging at some point because there’s no proper hiking steps. The hardest part is when reaching the first station where the hike gets exciting because the way up is very slanted. Be sure you have a good pair of shoes or you would just have to climb it, with hands on the floor too. HAHA.
Gary gor!
Henry gor!
Lin Jia and Wei Kean dailou. Nice to meet you new friend.
Quenna and Siyi. =)
Xinli and Hooi Pheng. =) Nice to meet you new friend.
Quenna, Connie, Wei Shi and Wei Kean.
Reached the first station at about 6.45am and there’s so many people up there already! Everyone was just chatting around, taking photos, and waiting for the sunrise! What you see up there is just another hill and the small little town of Broga and Semenyih. It’s interesting that the top of the hill has no tress and it’s all couch grass.
TWILIGHT ZONE. Oh my lovely nature.
Ghia Jun & Zee Yin.
Google told me that 7.24am was the sunrise time at Semenyih, but the actual sun rise above another hill was at about 7.40am. It takes some times for the sun to get up the hill. HAHA.
Hello my lovely SUN.
Ah, I just love waiting for sunrise so much, it’s my new hobby lately! After that we just went down as we were hungry and it’s getting warm. Getting down seems to be more difficult than going up as it’s so steep and really have to be careful, my friend had a small bruised on her knee. Just have to be really careful, help each other at there, or just wear a tracksuit to prevent cuts and bruises from small fall.
ME, the blogger.
With the girls.
Love this picture a lot. Thought it would turned out silhouette, but a nice over exposed of the sun and nice composition of beautiful us. By the way, it’s all interior designers here in the photo. =D
Little stalls selling coconut and soft drinks await you at the foot hill. HAHA.
Afterall, it’s a very nice and exciting hike. Sorry for writing the post that long, I will bring you to Kampung Broga and an awesome Chinese Temple with Shun Yu Kong Monkey King in the next posts. =D
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