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Blue Sky Day In Taylor’s University

Blue Sky Day In Taylor's University

Blue Sky Day In Taylor’s University – Another post of Taylor’s University, guess I’ll let the photo speaks instead. Took my Panasonic LX5 to school last week instead of my Canon DSLR and here are my shots that I have taken. It was a nice morning with big blue sky.

I really love blue sky as it gives more color to the day and life. I knew that when it’s near to year end, the sky is getting bluer. It makes taking photos fun and nice too!

Everyday I park at a far place – the free parking zone and take a nice morning walk to school. It’s nice to walk when it’s not raining and sunny, it’s nice to walk on the tar road, but not the rocky road.

That morning, I aw the playful goose walking around the carpark. Why I said they are playful because they don’t want to stay in the water and intrude human’s territory in the campus. Haha. They really make the whole Taylor’s University home, enjoying every part of the school which is comfortable to them.

Reading about Taoism in class and I still don’t really understand the religion.

Steve Pang acting emo. =D

Loving every part of my MacBook Pro but one cons is that it’s making my back ache as it’s heavy! And its not really good for interior design studio because of software limitation.

See the traffic jam at 6pm! The whole school is stuck with traffic.

Campus life so far so good for me, just I kinda miss home at the moment and lots of assignment. Haha.



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