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Singapore’s Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands And Olympic Walk

Singapore’s Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands And Olympic Walk – Today, I want to share with you the beauty of the Singapore’s city and the recent Marina Bay Sands Resorts. I went there a few months back when I was visiting my brother and brother took me for a stroll after dinner at the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands Resorts to enjoy the night scene of Singapore City and to take photos.

Singapore is a very standard country, what I mean standard is a very well-organized country with no messy construction. All building in the Singapore skyline are align in a proper manner which makes it a great city. Somehow, I still love my own hometown, Penang, which is also one of the Straits Settlement area.

Back to Singapore, I walked from Esplanade to Marina Bay Sands Resorts. The walk took about 15 minutes, from Esplanade, passing the Youth Olympic Park and crossing the cool Helix Bridge. It’s my first time going there after so many visit to Singapore almost every year. I will be going there again soon.

So sad that I didn’t bring a tripod with me, else the photo will be even nicer and cooler. I found some platform which I put my camera there, set on timer and take a shot. The Marina Bay Sands indeed look like a spaceship on top and a very futuristic architecture can be seen. The ArtScience Museum is shaped like a hand and it fired beam during the light show at at night. It’s nice that there’s light show like in the Hong Kong entertaining people.

Checking out the inside, it’s a shopping mall, hotel plus the main thing, casino! I saw skating in there but I felt weird because there’s isn’t any reflective ice surface nor it looks like ice. While getting closer, it looks like some sort of plastic and after Googling, I found out it’s a kind of plastic laid with oil. Yeah, plastic! Cool, but weird.

It’s like being in Macau or somewhere else with resort casino. Shopping, play, eat and gamble all under one roof. This is what Marina Bay Sands is, just without the theme park. Yet, the shopping experience is very cool, ranging from high end designers’ brand to mid-end local brand.

I found out that it has a mini canal in the mall, just like the Venetian in Macau, providing gondola ride too, but then the canal looks just too modern with the lack of “real” canal look and feel.

At the outside, I found a very very very cool thing which I think is the best part of my tour that night. There’s a big bowl outside Marina Bay Sands, which is actually a roof for the inner part. It’s semi-sphere bowl with a thick glass material. Now the cool part is when you talk to the center of the bowl, your voice can be heard on the other end. It’s just simply fun and marvelous. Brother and I actually found out this when we were standing by and we heard many voices coming around from the center of the bowl, as i someone was talking to us.

Lastly, we passed Olympic Walk, to the city centre, back to the MRT station and to somewhere else. Weeee. Don’t like the lifestyle of Singaporean, but like visiting the place. =)

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