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Away to PLKN (Day 72): Last Meet Up Before NS

This happened on the day before I come into this camp. Chin Lai actually invited us again for farewell but turned up there’s only me, Arron, Chin Lai himself, Charles and Amanda only. But nevermind, meet up is fun and I like!

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I was super duper busy on the day before of NS, busy packing, busy preparing and busy writing. Super busy. I worked until midnight only get to sleep.

So on this day, I went to Gurney Plaza to meet them and ate my lunch at Kim Gary. Then Jocelyn from first batch came to meet me too and I returned her the DVD that borrowed from her.

IMG_8365 by nicholaschan.

IMG_8364 by nicholaschan.
As round as my head.

We talked about NS again and other thing then walk around. Charles them actually wanted to go for movie but after checking out all the time, it’s not suitable, so skipped movie.

IMG_8368 by nicholaschan.

IMG_8367 by nicholaschan.
Cheong from First Batch and same camp.

Then while walking in the mall, I met friends then we take photos again. HAHA, I always take photos one, that’s me.

IMG_8366 by nicholaschan.
Wei Lee was on his break at work.

IMG_8370 by nicholaschan.
Ker Ying came to shopping.

IMG_8371 by nicholaschan.
Group photos. =D

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