Ali Mamak Stall at Pulau Tikus

I am a fan of Abu Mamak Stall that’s located on Jalan Dato Koyah, somewhere turn in when you see Kayu on Penang Rd. Nightlife people might know about this place already and I love their Fried Maggi Mee a lot. Best. And recently, after posting a live post on, a reader intro me another mamak stall called Ali, but it’s not in town, it’s close to Pulau Tikus area right opposite PTPL college.

The stall is on the road side of a small lane, with tables and chairs placed on the pavement. I am not sure whether Ali or the owner opporate the stall legally or not. But seems so many people eat there, it’s not a problem already.

We didn’t know what’s famous. The Malay-Indian guy introduced us some food. There’s the susu lembu milo which literally is hot milk with Milo powder. It’s good because it’s hot and it’s RM2.20.

Then I ordered a Fried Maggi Mee, curious about how different is this with Abu’s. The serving look the same, in fact the egg is prettier and the chicken tasted different. The noodle has a garlic taste which Abu don’t have but I go for Abu’s. Why? Because Abu’s is cheaper, this one at Ali cost RM7.20! OMG. Expensive.

My friend ordered a Pattaya Fried Rice. As you know, Pattaya fried rice is a very standard thing, which is fried rice wrapped with egg. This is different because is fried by mamak and it tasted spicy to me and the rice is pretty dark, and wet. My friend say not nice, I felt quite not bad. Different people have different taste. If you like dark fried rice and spicy, this might be a good one for you.

Ali, went there before or not? Abu and Ali are so not related by the way.


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