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A Week In Taylor’s University #2

#1: Friends who were in the filming of Ah Niu’s latest movie.

A Week In Taylor’s University #2 – It’s another week in Taylor’s. The week was packed, wet, saw some cool stuff in school, but afterall, it’s just another week in Taylor’s. Monday was pretty surprised for us as we came across with another film shooting in our campus featuring the local director/actor/singer – Ah Niu. It’s Ah Niu’s latest film and I’ve no idea what it is, and he came to shoot the scene here.

#2: Spotted Ah Niu in white tee sitting.

#3: This is what the filming crew eat for lunch.

#4: Part of the filming. Security guard shooting. For your technical information, they actually used the RED brand camera to shoot the film.

A few friends actually join the temporary actor but the bad news is that they only received RM11 for buying food for two days. No pay. So lousy. Luckily I did not join them. I thought they were gonna get paid like maybe RM50? =D

#5: Ah Niu in weird hair.

#6: Another scene.

#7: Ah Niu in white shirt.

We were actually having lunch then my friend told me to look across the lake, only then I see they were doing the shooting. We wanted to go check it out but was in a rush to class. What’s great and lucky was, our classroom was just right above the film shooting scene where we could see some live action down there. Ah Niu was dressing very weird. I wonder what the movie will like when it’s on the screen. =D

#8: Busy with work.

#9: Lots of discussion going on.

#10: Our in house magician, Zhi Sheng from 6 Of Spade.

The days went on with the mind thinking about assignment due dates. We’ve got lots of assignment due dates coming soon, just din one last week and more to come. Weekend will not be like a holiday anymore. Weekends are busy right now.

#11: Overnight in school.







#12: Rain, I wore shorts which result in a wet feet.

#13: Super heavy rain.

#14: Raindrops falling of the sky,

#15: Rain.

The weather have been kinda crazy right now, sometimes very hot, sometimes very cold. It rained a lot lately, it’s not just drizzling off the sky, it’s huge, it’s loud, accompany by the roaring thunder.

#16: Setting up stage for the Share The Love concert.


#17: Spent some time at the Study Room.

#18: Working at night.

#19: Entertainment during work.


#20: Testing all the technical stuff for the concert.

#21: Photography during midnight.

Spent a few nights in the campus, saw a mini concert in the campus, worked on assignments, and that’s my week in Taylor’s University.







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