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A Walk At Chew Jetty

#1. The Chew Jetty Kongsi.

A Walk At Chew Jetty – Few weeks back, I went to the Chew Jetty with dearest, Hueisean. I like the place, I have been there for quite a few times and it just doesn’t feel bored every time I visit it because the little fishing village-like houses give a sense of peacefulness, a sense of calmness, it’s so near to town, yet it’s just relaxing, maybe because its location of by the sea.

#2. It’s written Chew Jetty in Mandarin – read as Zhou Qiao.

A Walk At Chew Jetty
#3. Mini grocery store.

#4. Lamp post.

Chew Jetty or also known as Clan Jetty is a famous tourist spot in Penang, in the heart of the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site. Clan Jetty is located at Weld Quay, it consist of 8 jetties which are named after the surnames of the Chinese. Why people like to call Chew Jetty more is because it has the most number of “Chew” family living at there. The jetty is actually the villages of the Chinese immigrant when the first came to Penang in the 18th century.

#5. Colourful artwork.

#6. Hair saloon at the Jetty.

#7. Bokeh!!



It’d now become a tourist spot, and also photographer’s favourite spot for photoshooting. Well, it’s not a surprise that there’s still people living at there, and some still goes out fishing by their private boat.

#10. Net.

#11. Saw some kids fishing at the jetty.

#12. So we went to check it out.

#13.His name is Jason and his fishing string got stuck at the boat and we went to help. HAHA.


The weather was pretty good that day, although it was sunny but occasionally sea breeze blew over my face which makes touring the place and taking photos nice.


It was a quiet afternoon, there’s not much people around in their home. There’s some other visitors like us too.


I feel the place is full of culture. One very cool thing is that different jetties has different house layout. It’s because that different clan from China last time has their very own clan living culture.



The Chew Jetty is very happening and crowded during the Thni Kong Festival during Chinese New Year, as well as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. You will not want to miss out this place if you happen to be in Penang, during or not during the two festivals.

#20. Fisherman






Although the wind blew once in a while, it’s still feels hot once in a while, just when my perspiration started to break out of my pores, we started leaving Chew Jetty.

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