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A Short Walk In Heritage Site, Muntri Street

Penang gained the UNESCO Heritage status few years back and the local tourism business is blooming. There’s many restoration work going around in the city and there’s still stubborn owner or heritage building doesn’t want to restore and beautify their property. OMG.

Recently, I passed by Muntri Street and saw some cool cafes and some stylish hostel for tourist and backpackers. Curiousity made me stopped and went to check out the place for a while.

I didn’t really know that there’s so many restoration and heritage stuff on Muntri Street last time. When talked about Muntri Street, I thought about the Teo Chew Porridge shop and the Chinese Thean Hou Temple, that’s all.

But now, my perception towards the street change, it is a very old street, a very heritage streets fill with arts, culture and history, so do hostel, cafes and mini accommodation.

Being a Penangite, I want to appreciate the Penang’s heritage site more and being an interior design student, I have strong feel on heritage architecture, they are really very pretty.

Penang can be one of the top heritage city in the world like in Europe, fill with nice old building architecture, yet the people in Penang have to take up the responsibilities to preserve and restore the old building.

Having an organized and clean city is awesome. Investment comes into the state, better facilities and better lifestyle too! I just love my own hometown so much. It’s so pretty and proud to be a Penangite.

I have trust in the current state government led by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. Looking forward to see Penang in the future where it will transform into the best city in Malaysia. =D

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