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酷我音乐盒 Ku Wo Music Box, Free Chinese Music Streaming and Downloads

酷我音乐盒 Ku Wo Music Box, Free Chinese Music Streaming and Downloads -Chinese really makes good pirated stuff, pirated phone, pirated DVD, fake Blu-Rays. They love making copyright infringement stuff but somehow, everyone like it. At first, it was PPS online streaming player, which streams whatever movie and TV series.

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Now I found another one called 酷我音乐盒 Ku Wo Music Box. It streams Chinese music and music of other languages too. You can either stream it or download it into your computer and listen it later. Rocks man.

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You can find almost any music there. I use it to stream Chinese music mostly.

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And it has live lyric synced with the music so you can singalong.

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Another feature is streaming music video of a song, but then not all song has music video streaming, some only. It still very cool though. I like this program.

So sorry for English-educated or people who doesn’t read Chinese, same like PPS, the whole software is in Chinese. More Chinese software to be introduced soon. If looking from the legal side, this software is against the copyright law, but no one cares, yet. Use it wisely, for personal use and not for commercial. =)

Download here.

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