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At Taylor’s Library Before Going to KLCC Site Visit

It was two weeks ago, on a Wednesday where the Sem 1 July 2010 intake student of Diploma in Interior Design went on a site visit to KLCC. It’s part of the module, Introduction To Design where we get to go on site visit and then take photos and talk about the place eg. architecture, the landscape, the interior design and stuff. Fun.

So before going to KLCC, we spent time in the library after lunch. There’s like 2 hours and we didn’t know what to do and go. Library in Taylor’s University is so nice so we went there. Everyone was like playing with cameras because we were required to photograph stuff at the site visit and later put into a journal.

Zhi Sheng the magician guy in class trying to con Connie with some tricks. =D

Cher Huey.

I am starting to hate my Canon 400D. It’s so freaking ugly because I am a very hardcore user and I guess I have reach the limit already. I need a new camera badly, 60D, 3D? Hehe. My feel to photograph stuff has lessen already and I think it will only come back when I get a new camera. Saving and saving!

Anastasia and Nita hiding from the camera. Hehe.

I was pretty excited for my first visit because I haven’t been downtown for like two weeks after I came here. I am living somewhere outside town, it’s not as hectic as busy as colourful as town and I love downtown Kuala Lumpur a lot, where there’s many nice shopping malls and shops.

Wanyii, my classmate from Penang. Penang rocks! I miss Penang a lot.

Rasyid looked so tired.

That day was also first day of Ramadhan Month, the fasting month. So happy fasting to all the Muslim people.

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