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Zhi Inn’s 20th Birthday At Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid

I wanna talk about birthday this time. =) Few weeks ago, we, the Diploma In Interior Design, Sem 2 people celebrated Zhi Inn’s birthday together at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid. If you do not know, Fullhouse is a lifestyle restaurant + boutique, which is beautiful in the inside but food-wise, OKOK. Not gonna talk about food this time because I didn’t eat at there. Hehe.

They was planning to ask Zhi Inn out for lunch, just a casual gathering lunch and not mentioning anything about birthday as her birthday was 5 more days ahead. They planned a surprise, but no surprise. Haha. Why no surprise? It’s because she already saw the cake we passed to the waiter! Yet, it’s still fun.

It was a weekday and we do have class but our class was in the afternoon so we spent some times talking and taking photos at there. Woo. No food for me because money not enough. XD

Cup cakes are here!

It’s a pretty good idea of having cup cakes as birthday cake becauseno need to cut the cake and each people is allocate nicely with the cakes. =) To be honest, it’s my first time eating cup cakes and it’s awesome.

Tada! Happy birthday! When everyone was there, Wanyi, a friend keep WhatsApp me and ask me to call the waiter to bring in the cake, but quietly and secretly, but the scene of WhatsApp-ing here and there although on the same table and me walking to the waiter looks suspicious. And Zhi Inn saw the cake’s box and in the end failed, which means, didn’t even need to tell me secretly at first. Haha.

We bought cards and gift. Yeah. Even when writting the card on the message also need to be secretly, but somehow, secretly became obviously. Haha.

The girls and boys. A bunch of future interior designers. =D

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