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Duty Free Shopping Complex at Betong – Pengkalan Hulu Border

Hello people I am back. Sorry for on and off in blogging lately, it’s pretty difficult to manage my time right now due to heavy assignment load and holiday activities. Haha. As you know I just finished off my Chinese New Year break lately and same as previous year, I and my family will go to Pengkalan Hulu for a Chinese New Year gathering with relatives.

I have to say that it’s still as boring as before, somehow fun a little bit because get to meet all my relatives and cousin that’s long-time-no-see.

Because of boring-ness, and nothing-to-do, we went to the Duty Free Shopping Complex by the border of Betong, Thailand and Pengkalan Hulu, Malaysia. Pengkalan Hulu is a suburb super little small town in Perak, near to Thailand and it’s super duper peace. It’s my grandma’s hometown. =)

So back to the Duty Free Shopping Complex. Didn’t expect much, it’s just taking a little time off from sitting in the house doing nothing. The shopping house was not big but surprisingly people come and go. Both Malaysian and Thailand.

Since it’s a quiet town and there’s nothing much to see at there. Many chocolate, got clothing also, and also alcohol and food. But not really cheap, except for liquor. Though we, Malaysian cannot buy liquor without tax. Too bad.

Lalalalala. A supermarket in the middle of forest.

He is my brother. =)

Yeah, Apple. This is a little random post. =) Spent like half an hour there and we went back. One thing, we didn’t bring passport but still get to go through the custom because we told the custom just to visit the Duty Free thing. Somehow, we still can’t go through the Thailand custom. Yo.

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