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Wet Week and Funny Head


Wet Week and Funny Head – Last week was a wet week, wet as in rainy week because it rains almost everyday in Klang Valley. I wonder what happened to the weather nowadays. Rain is fun because is chilly and make the temperature cold, I like. Also, it makes me feel sleepy too!

Beautiful model making.


School is getting busier and busier, getting more and more stressful in Taylor’s University. Lots of drawing which I don’t really like, I like realistic 3D rendering; lots of hands on work to do like making model, thinking lots of concept which I like. =D

I foresee sleepless night is coming to me due to assignment. Sometimes I wonder, aren’t college life suppose to be fun? Haha. Fun in a sense of not sleeping, but at the same time, doing bad to our body. =X Anyway, I’ll try to enjoy life to the fullest everyday, look for fun in between the stress and tiredness.

Kevin To.

Recently, I have been blogging a lot, I am back into this blogging hobby and I am liking it much, so how do you find my new blog design? =)

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