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Lunch At Little Cottage Cafe

Little Cottage Cafe is quite well-known among Penangite with two outlets, one on Jalan Burma, and another one in Waterfall Hotel, Jalan Utama. It’s my first time visiting the Little Cottage Cafe on Jalan Burma and I went there to have lunch with my girlfriend. I was busy taking video of the place and I have forgotten to take photos of the interiors, so I will repost a video version. =D

The interiors is very cozy and warming feel with nice cottage style dining and give you an experience that you are like being in a small county, it’s so not in Penang.

They have standard set meal lunch which starts from RM9.90 and we both ordered the RM15.90 set. It started with a mushroom soup. The mushroom taste was strong but then one thing I wasn’t that favour about it is that it’s a little bit too waterish. If it’s creamier than it’s great.

Bread bun and butter is also one of the appetizer that comes with the soup. Love the warm bun with butter in it.

Here comes the main course which is the Black Pepper Chicken. Well, the black pepper sauce was there and it’s a grilled chicken instead of deep fried chicken. The presentation was good and serves with little vegetable salad and mash potato. The mash potato to me was OK-good and the chick was tender enough. As for the sauce wise, the taste was there, not too over, not too less, just nice. Overall, I couldn’t comment this is the best, but it’s not bad. Somehow, I like the Little Cottage Chicken Chop more which comes next.

The Little Cottage Chicken Chop is deep fried chicken chop poured with a kind of sweet and BBQ sauce which makes it tasted good. The chicken was crispy and I like the crunchyness when biting on it. Serve with a little bit of onion and I think this is kinda special and tasted nice when eat with the chicken and sauce. As I said, I like this more than the black pepper chicken, this is good. =)

The last course was the coffee / tea but desserts comes before it. Having a sweet tooth is so nice that I love desserts so much and this little desserts is actually a pudding of milk and pandan which is kinda special with a sense of local style, some how it’s just too small.

Well, Little Cottage is a nice place to have your meal given with its nice and cozy interiors.

Little Cottage Cafe 1 (You can park at New World Park and walk there)
96-A, Burma Road,
10050 Goergetown,




Business Hours: Open daily from 11am-3pm / 6pm-10.30pm


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