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Went to AEON Jusco Seberang Prai City

AEON Jusco Seberang Prai City¬† is actually a shopping mall on the mainland of Penang. I think it’s pretty new, like opened few years back only and it’s big. Always wanted to go check it out but didn’t really get a chance, dad always forgotten to bring us go so this time I went with Alvin, Arron, Chien Chern and Tee Jin while we were at Butterworth during the holidays.

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I actually accompanied them to check out a job interview. Then after the job thing, we got no where to go, so we hop on one of the Rapid Penang bus which took us to the AEON Jusco Seberang Prai City mall.

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I’ve forgotten to note the bus number but it’s pretty easy to get on. At the Penang Sentral, also the bus terminal on the mainland, just check out bus that has place list with Jusco and that’s it. Get on for almost a 45 minutes trip to reach there.

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Nice building. What’s that?

Not near, it’s pretty far, but I believe you can reach faster if you drive there. Consult Google Maps on how-to. That’s what I always do. While on the bus, we passed a lot of kampungs, small padi fields, a lot of trees and many unknown sub-urban place.

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We saw the AEON mall in sight and press for bell to alight. The mall is almost the same like the one that I’ve visited in Johor Bahru, the AEON Jusco Tebrau City.

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It’s long inside, shop lots are big, they keep on saying it’s like Queensbay Mall and there’s only 3 floors with quite many standard shops too.

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The place is not bad, quite standard but something very scary is that it’s so quiet when we were there. It’s like one of the weekday in December and there’s only little little people. This place is built in a very ulu (suburban) place and nobody comes on weekday. Deserted a bit already.

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After having afternoon tea slash lunch at there, we went out to find bus and go back to the ferry terminal. There’s food outlet there, but all expensive expensive and we were budget eater, so forced to eat at their food court, just same like the other Jusco food court like at Queensbay Mall.

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Took the ferry back to Penang island. Island sweet island. ^^

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  • benooi
    January 15, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    wah seberang prai, after Spm eh life really so freedom liao


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