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Back From Hospital 2 Days Ago, SUCKS

Two day Thailand trip, a lot of Thai spicy and sour and delicious food, many tomyam and seafood, then I fell sicked. Life sucks man. It’s not just sick, it’s very sick until I have to suffer in the hospital. I came back home with a fever, took paracetamol, went to bed then wake up still hot. Then I rested whole day at home and it got even hotter at night and as high as 39 degree cel and I had to go to the hospital, I was afraid of dengue or H1N1.

IMG_3979 by nicholaschan.

So sad that they admitted me in. I had not only fever but also diarrhea. I suspected food poisoning but doctor never mentioned a word about food poisoning.

One night passed, body cool down but still abnormal and that’s really WTF and FML because doctor wanted me to stay for another night in the hospital to monitor. Hate it so much. It’s so boring, and not comfortable with the pack of glucose going into a needle into my blood, the not-nice-sleep at night, the lousy food, the lousy Internet connection and the small TV. Bad bad bad.

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Mom brought me the laptop but only get to go online for a while because the Internet connection very lousy. Always disconnected one and need to wait a while only can reconnect again.

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Anyway, still have to thanks Yiphing, Arron, Chien Chern, Tee Jin, Alvin, Wei Chung, Yong Chieh and Fang Juinn came to find me and talk or else I will be bored till knock on the wall. Time passes very slowly at there, you can’t imagine how slow it is.

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I also want to thank my daddy and mommy keep on coming by too, else I will be so lonely. Hehe.

On the second night, I keep on praying that my shit turn saturated and no more hotness for my body. I want saturated shit and no more diarrhea, it’s really suck if it continues. Luckily, everything turned good in the next morning.

IMG_3993 by nicholaschan.

The only thing was I didn’t really got a good night sleep. I slept pretty late because I couldn’t fell asleep and the stupid nurse wake me up at 7.30am and asked me not to sleep, saying the doctor will be here soon. WTF, the doctor only came by at around 10am. So shit man.

Doctor discharged me and I need to wait for the bill and medication for another 2 hours in the hospital room. Bored till……. I am so fine now and I advise you to take care of yourself, everyone. =) Hospital sucks.

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  • benooi
    January 15, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    awww, calm down. Hospital saved your life!


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