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Visited Chew Jetty Spontaneously with Yiphing

That day, I’ve forgotten which day it was. I went to Prangin Mall to print out my photo, then met up with Yiphing who was on NS holiday. Then while waiting for my photo to be printed out, we went somewhere else to let the time passed. I actually didn’t have the idea of where to go and suddenly, spontaneously thought of checking out Chew Jetty for fun.

IMG_0803 by nicholaschan.

I was not ready for it yet, so it’s actually a fun trip and I bet I will go back there again for a real trip which I take lots of photos at there. Waiting for a blue sky which is the green light for me to go there, and also a bunch of crazy friends. =D

IMG_0805 by nicholaschan.

Chew Jetty is a place/water house/livings/tourist place at Weld Quay, Penang. Every year, the famous Pai Ti Kong festival is celebrated at there.

IMG_0806 by nicholaschan.

I actually wanted to check out this place, pre-look around before bringing my NS friend to this place to see see. But somehow, the Penang trip that I had with them recently did not include this, the girls insisted to go to shopping instead.

IMG_0808 by nicholaschan.

I went here before, almost I came here every year but it was during the night, during the Pai Ti Kong festival. It’s my first time going during daylight, not very sunny on that day, a little bit cloudy and it was late afternoon.

IMG_0809 by nicholaschan.

The place was pretty quiet. There’s a little tourist touring the place and photographers taking photos at there. Not many residents around too, perhaps they’re still at work.

IMG_0810 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0817 by nicholaschan.

The place is peaceful, I wonder is any unit at there up for sale, so I can buy it in the future, and revamp it into the most beautiful home on the sea at that area, haha.

IMG_0812 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0811 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0813 by nicholaschan.

Sea water at there is dirty though. Sea water by the shore of Penang is always dirty, it’s not close to big ocean, and so much of development around the city, there’s no turquoise clear water.

IMG_0816 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0819 by nicholaschan.

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IMG_0820 by nicholaschan.

Nice place. Everyday can get a good view of Penang and I wanna park a yacht here. Haha.

IMG_0824 by nicholaschan.

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IMG_0831 by nicholaschan.

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If you are a tourist, you can check out the Homestay at there. There’s a house with rooms for rent, include breakfast too. Pretty cool. Perhaps I can go there with friends some times. =D Try a bit of the life at there for a day or two. See some sunrise and sunset. Shiok!

IMG_0834 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0839 by nicholaschan.

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IMG_0840 by nicholaschan.


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Penang. by nicholaschan.

Rubbish. ? by nicholaschan.

Saloon. by nicholaschan.

Alley. by nicholaschan.

We went to collect photo after that, then home! Yeah.

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