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I Like “Bole Chudiyan” The Famous Bollywood Song

I get to know about this song “Bole Chudiyan” from the Indian friends in national service that I went 3 months ago. They Indian people in the camp always perform with this music. This song is a song from the Bollywood film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. =D No idea what’s the movie is but have to say I love this song. I want to learn the dance too! Hahaha, who can teach me?

Today woke up with this song playing in my mind and I faster go text the Indian friend and ask them for the name of the song and Youtube it!


Hahahaha. I’m being more and more One Malaysian now.

=========WORLD CUP FEVER=========

Finally the FIFA World Cup has started. I am so excited about all matches. South Korea very powerful last night, WOW. Although England was draw with USA, but still all my heart still supporting England all the way till the end! Yeah man. I just come back from a trip recently, so had miss some matches live on TV, I only check the result standing and news in the morning. Now I am back, I get to catch it live on TV already, somemore in high definition. Damn fun man!

Fullscreen capture 6142010 120503 AM.bmp by nicholaschan

[adv]  By the way guys, do you know about the cute bears related to World Cup out there? It’s the Collectible Blue Bear! It’s easy to get yours, just follow the instruction below and the bear will be yours!

Fullscreen capture 6142010 120708 AM.bmp by nicholaschan

Fullscreen capture 6142010 120501 AM.bmp by nicholaschan

It’s World Cup and Blue Bear baby! What are you waiting now? Go for X now!

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