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Tea Spa Corner At Cherok Tokun Hill, Bukit Mertajam

Tea Corner At Tokun Hill, Bukit Mertajam – Enjoying a cup of Chinese tea, biting a yummylicious herbal egg and eating a bowl of Chinese noodle in the forest, listening to the chirping of birds and the melody of insects, it’s just so relaxing. But then, you have to ignore the annoying mosquitoes.

In Bukit Mertajam, there’s a forest reserved + park + hiking trail and that’s Cherok Tokun Hill. It’s a famous spot for the local to do some hiking and at there you can spot a little hut that houses the Tea Spa which serves a little snack food and tea.

I did not go to hiking, but I went to check out the Tea Spa on a lovely afternoon as I was craving for herbal egg char ye dan. Actually I was just thinking on eating the herbal egg, but then since Hueisean and me were there already, might as well order another bowl of Chinese noodle with pork.

The herbal eggs were good and the herbal taste did actually presence in the egg itself. As for the noodle, it’s not my type of noodle, a little bit of spiciness does taste better, somehow, I do not fancy the noodle. The noodle is more like a thick beehoon, if you know what I mean.

Well, it’s a good place to sit in the afternoon, sip some Chinese tea, have a little chat with your friends in the nature. It’s nice to getaway from the polluted city.

I’ve forgotten what cartoon character is this! Anyone can enlighten me? According to the boss, this is to scare away the monkeys at there.

Look! Monkeys are everywhere, luckily I did not park my car at there.

BM Tea Spa Hutam Rimba 神林茶坊 (Cherok Tok Kun)

Business Hours: Morning – 7pm


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