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Taipei Trip: Wu Fen Pu & Raohe Night Market

Taipei Trip: Wu Fen Pu & Raohe Night Market (Day 3) – First of all, do not visit Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Garment Market on a Monday (go on other day but not Monday), because the people will not entertain you or sell you anything. You can touch, you can see but you just can’t buy! Sad, should have know this earlier. But nevermind, Raohe Night Market is just a stone throw away, we headed to the night market after a quick disappointed walk in Wu Fen Pu.
Bike sharing in Taipei, I like it!
I tell you, I want this pig pet, where can I find?!
(Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Area)
(Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Area)
(Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Area)
(Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Area)
Cute little poodle.
I’ve read on the net that Raohe Night Market is one of the good night market in Taipei. To be honest, it’s good, in term of food choices, but not shopping. There’s nothing much to shop, eat is number one here, buy is number zero. Of course, do pay a visit to this place, because you can find some good eat here! Weather turned a bit colder when night falls, so visiting the night market was not a warm one.
Temple in front of Raohe Night Market, the place where you can find public toilet. (Raohe Night Market)
One of my favourite beverage in Taiwan – Bittergourd Juice. (Raohe Night Market)
As usual, night markets in Taipei are filled with tourists, of course locals too. The first thing to do, visit the the temple, go to the public washroom (temples are the good place for free public toilet) and have the hands washed, then we started the night market exploration.
Hu Jiao Bing. (Raohe Night Market)
Wu Jiao Bing (Pepper Biscuit) is a must try because there’s many people queuing for it. HAHA. It’s Chinese-style biscuit stuffed with a whole lot of pepper-marinated meat and yes, it’s indeed delicious.
Interestingly, there’s many this game store where you can win teddy bear. Only in Taiwan. (Raohe Night Market)
Herbal Pork Ribs Soup. Must try. There’s so many stalls at there, and you must be thinking which is the best. Well, they are they same to me. (Raohe Night Market)
Lu Rou Fan, all-time favourite. (Raaohe Night Market)
Herbal Pork Ribs Soup is another must try at there. The fragrance of Chinese herbs is very strong and tasty together with the essence of pork ribs. Well, it’s a modified version of our Bak Kut Teh I would say, but with a stronger herb taste and lighter in colour. An addition of Lu Rou Fan (again) do serves the meal well.
This person is selling deep fried Oreo biscuit, dare to try? (Raohe Night Market)
Taofu Fa Pudding, which I find it quite normal, just like normal sweet jelly. (Raohe Night Market)
They claim that the string treatment on the face can remove blackhead permanently. Seriously? (Raohe Night Market)
Huge sesame chicken drumstick. (Raohe Night Market)
Pork Liver soup, quite interesting. (Raohe Night Market)
Food doesn’t stop coming to us at Raohe Night Market. We had exotic pork liver soup and a huge chicken drumstick cooked with sesame oil which I find it somewhat special, and good too!
Handmade Bubble Pearl. (Raohe Night Market)
What a food-ful night at Raohe, ended with a Taiwanese bubble tea. We were lazy to walk to the MRT and cab was the solution to go back to the hotel.
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