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Taipei Trip: Visiting Taipei 101, Ding Tai Fung & Surroundings

Taipei Trip: Visiting Taipei 101, Ding Tai Fung & Surroundings (Day 3) – Visiting the 3rd attractions, the once the tallest bamboo-shape building in the world – Taipei 101. If you ask me whether I like maize-shape building – Petronas KLCC or the bamboo-shape building – Taipei 101, I’ll pick the maize. Come on, it’s really not as magnificent as I thought. Petronas KLCC is sparking clean every day with shiny stainless steel frame, but the Taipei 101, looks old and dusty. They need some polish and cleaning.
LOVE Sculpture.
I should have stop complaining now, it’s still one of the greatest architecture success after all. 😛 Taipei 101, tallest building in Taiwan, and that’s it. The one and only tall building in Taipei. If you do notice, there’s not really many tall skyscrapers in Taipei.
Inside it houses office as well as a shopping mall that includes all the high-end designers’ label which will makes rich go WOW. It’s a quiet mall on a Monday afternoon, Prada is very cheap in Taiwan as far as I know, comparing to other Asian country.
For food, Ding Tai Fung is a must try, because it’s the number one restaurant on TripAdvisor! Don’t expect it to be expensive because I find the food is quite reasonable. Food taste is great but what’s even better is the service, you will know what I mean if you visit the restaurant. Young Taiwanese waitress, with their cute voices, you will just get goosebumps after a while and the service was just superb. Every worker has a smile on their face. Well, just not regretting visiting the number 1 restaurant.
After that, we walked towards to the MRT station which is rather far. Passed by Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, a departmental store with a funny long Japanese name where every department is allocate in one building. So men’s section in one building, ladies’ section in another. That’s big!
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